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lirik lagu 54 40 – hooked on bliss


won’t quit worrying over things
i lay awake so fate will bring
nothing seems what it’s worth
i don’t know if i’ve earned my birth

maybe i could take a stand
set examples for a man
but i would end up playing tricks
all my life is politics

you won’t see me crying
another day and still i crave
a new addition to my ways
i won’t admit i’m hooked on bliss
but being alone is still the sh-ts

a cheated life is cheaper still
an unearned kiss an unearned thrill
alone at night i’m in that place
there’s no reflection of my face

you won’t see me crying
i don’t hear screaming when i turn on the
my hands are bleeding like chomsky
if i took the time to see what mattered
my little world would be stripped and scattered

if i ever finally cherished
i believe then that i would perish

maybe on that day
i’ll give myself away

written by neil osborne and 5440
fifty-four forty songs inc./sony-atv music publishing canada (socan)