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lirik lagu 504 boyz – check ’em (feat. master p and traci (aka baby girl))


master p)
who dat call the police
yo ma called the police
i got five on the lips
but i ain’t payin for the -ss
you just got yo hair fixed
so can you pump a n-gg- gas
now when you ridin in my truck can you pick a n-gg- d-ck
i got a boonapolist so can you be my trick
c-murder called you hoes like some f-ckin crash dummies
it ain’t love when the motherf-cking s-x cost money
i ain’t dissin you hoes
i just don’t love you hoes
in yo raggedy -ss girbauds
when you sw-ngin on them poles
now if you trippin then you know you livin trife
and if you dippin i can’t put you in my life
cause all hoes suck d-ck
let me tell you dog hoes you f-ckin with
see i don’t play no games and i don’t sweat no hoes
(but you master p) well b-tch take off your clothes
talk that sh-t now roll with it
ya warefare check hoe go get it

(p) check dem hoes
(traci) check dem n-gg-s(4x)

check dem hoes n-gg- is you crazy
you can stunt all you want but that sh-t don’t phase me
(?) in front yo boys like you made me n-gg-
i hold my own ????????
reppin like you gon shine
n-gg- you is a waste of time
gettin that ho to step to me
i gets down for mine
me and my girls we don’t play no games
f-ck you lames
when you walkin on side of me
i’m bringin you pain
you can talk that sh-t about suck yo d-ck
get a grip
broke b-tch you ain’t the sh-t
you know who you f-ckin wit
drop a baby for you
n-gg- you must be sick
got no time for the lies all n-gg-s is tricks


(p) who dat call the police
yo ma called the police
(traci) who dat call the police
yo pa call the police
(p) dem hoes call the police
(traci) dem n-gg-s call the police
(p) check dem hoes
(traci) check dem n-gg-s
(p) talk that sh-t now roll wit it
yo warefare check ho go get it

(911 operator, did someone dial 911