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lirik lagu 500 miles to memphis – the regret


i ain’t ready
i ain’t ready
don’t put me in that pine box yet
this here whiskey kept me busy until i could get my mind off of you
it’s been hazy
yeah real hazy
the past eight months have been a b-tch
now i’m ready
yeah i’m ready to start all over without you

i’ll get up, up, up
i might be bl–dy
i’ve got more regrets than anybody should
the good times we had are gone and they ain’t coming back

well i’m sorry
yeah i’m sorry
i never meant to do wrong by you
now i’m sober
yeah i’m sober
there ain’t much else that i can do
all my bridges
all my bridges have long ago gone up in flames
well i’m trying
yeah i’m trying to get it together despite you
why should i care?
why do i care?
i’ve been taking all the blame for everything that’s been going wrong with you
i could have been a better son and a better man