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lirik lagu 500 miles to memphis – cheers


i’m better being gone
there’s plenty other places i belong
i’ll take another tease and i’ll be gone
i’m packing for a while
ain’t no way to tell when i’ll be heading back
not that it would matter to anyone

cheers lets finish our beer, and get out of this town tonight
pop that clutch and put her gear, because any place is better than here

i’ve got no friend to name
i seem to recall a point in time where that wasn’t the case
but that memory’s so far gone it’s been misplaced
can you just pretend that you give a d-mn and want to be my friend?
just for a little while and then i’ll go
i don’t want to be alone
i guess that this is the life i chose

oh it’s so sweet
these memory’s are killing me
i’m better on my own
that’s just another lie to help me along
then i hear those guitars whine and it takes me home