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lirik lagu 50 cent – war angel


[50 cent:]
performin’ live… august 31st!
the first annual family day festival… in 40 project!
shout-out to big searge… tone!
all my n-gg-s down in the projects!
all my n-gg-s down in basy projects!
llamar odom goin’ be out there!
[? ] goin’ be out there!
floyd mayweather goin’ be out there!
tim thomas goin’ be out there!
ron artest goin’ be out there!
goin’ be mad b-tches out there,
y’all n-gg-s better get ya outfit money up right now!
get ya hair cut, clear it up!
i don’t care if you b-m off you lounge…
you better be clean on august 31st, n-gg-!
the twenty night from takin’ the whole hood to great?…
the 30th… we all in the project… one!