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lirik lagu 50 cent – niggas be’ schemin’


n-gg-s be’ schemin’
(feat. kidd kidd)

[intro: male speaks]
nah, nah, nah! look here, n-gg-!
here’s what the f-ck you gotta do, you gotta… clean this mothaf-cka! [gun c-cks]
make sure this don’t f-ckin’ jam, man!
you’re a f-ckin’ criminal, man, ya heard?
bet’ y’all spilt somethin’ on it, n-gg-.

[chorus: 50 cent {kidd kidd}]
n-gg-s be schemin’, – fiendin’…
they cut your jooks, they off the hook;
i come through there, look how they look! (how they look!)
i’m ridin’, leanin’, they dreamin’…
they do me dirty if they could,
i’m lookin’ like i wish you would! (i wish you would!)
{try me, go ‘head! – try me!} [gun c-cks]
n-gg-s be schemin’, – dreamin’…
{try me, have you hooked to i-v!} [gun c-cks]
n-gg-s be schemin’, – dreamin’! {huuuuuhh!}

[verse 1: kidd kidd]
mad n-gg-s wan’ do me dirty, i’m fresh out the tub! (i’m fresh out the tub!)
you move like a snail, you deserve to catch a slug.
man, i wake up huggin’ my b-tch;
one with the extended clip, not the one that i’m with;
uh! [gun c-cks] – if you all made men, then you know sh-t real;
they got change on the mic’, i ain’t tryna see ’em killed!
i told ’em that’s my cause, i don’t wanna see nothin’ happen to him, (word!)
cause when i start spittin’ at him, i ain’t rappin’ to him. (huuuuh!)
yeah, i’m jumpin’ in that water like a diver
six shot survivors, school of hard knock scholars! (scolars!)
these n-gg-z ain’t riders, they hiders, they cowards! (cowards!)
i feel like 50, – hold “power of the dollar”!
i told my n-gg- give me one of them bulletproof trucks;
i want few dumb enough to try and shoot it up.
i’m lookin’ at the n-gg- lettin’ off [3 shots]
wait until you finish the clip. – laugh then pulled off; huuuuuh! (uh-huuuuuh!)


[verse 2: 50 cent]
it sounds like a nightmare! – i graduated from fightin’;
play the projects faster than the third of two man indictments.
see my baby blue ferrari make ’em feel like the virus
in their stomach. – i keep it one hundred, i make ’em vomit!
got a code name for straps: – “the sacks in the trumpet”;
i get the blowin’. – ya ears’ll ring for days when i dump it!
my bullet wounds call them beauty marks and my hole we don’t talk to narcs;
so the first 48 the clock tickin’, the plot thickens!
the charge “cocaine possession”, i’m creepin’ with a fireaaarm;
the d’s don’t even wanna see me – with a firearm.
‘fore i go back again, i’m a let it off!
they ain’t gotta pop first, f-ck that! i’m a set it off.
i need a mental eval, something’s wrong with my brainwaves;
i’m rich as a motherf-cker, still ridin’ with a a-k!
picture me comin’ through, lettin’ a n-gg- play me
when i got all this bread. – b-tch it’s off with ya head! – asap! (asap!)


[verse 3: kidd kidd]
i had to be slippin’ to let this clown hit me up;
now i got to walk around with this sh-t bag for months!
now i don’t give a f-ck ’bout a b-tch or a n-gg-
startin’ to treat my own brothers like they’re just another n-gg-!
my click got smaller and my clips got big-ger;
condom on my heart. – mother-f-ck your feelings!
they call me “superman”, see? i ain’t ‘posed to walk;
better watch how you talk or get popped like a cork – off!
[50 cent] see they ain’t real as they seem and they schemin’,
they fiendin’ and dreamin’, they geekin’ and creepin’!
they hear tires screechin’, – infrared beamin’!
n-gg-z head leakin’, what the f-ck was he thinkin’?
sounds of police, momma signin’ new leases,
you know you got to relocate her when you beefin’!
i guess you’re here for a real reason,
rah got hit like he got hit but he ain’t f-ckin’ breathin’! – uhh!

[chorus] [beat fades-out]

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