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lirik lagu 50 cent – follow me gangsta (feat. g-unit)


yeah.. ja, you ready? drop that
ferrari f 50 style baby (yeah, yeah)
i’ma show ’em how i do it (yeah, yeah)
g-g-g-g-g g-unit!

i keep hearin’ n-gg-s is happy, the d’s come, n-gg-s wit guns
when i’m out on bail, ridin’ wit’ some new ones
big got hit in that p-ssenger seat
pac got hit in that p-ssenger seat
now i’m ridin’ ’round in that p-ssenger seat
come near the whip, i’m blastin’ my heat
it don’t take long, for my juvenile delinquent thinkin’ to sink in
the consequences mean nothin’, those semi auto’s is bustin’
crack sellin’, predicate villain, spit big words but i can’t spell ’em
put a shot to your melon, that’ll keep you’re punk -ss from chillin’
then i got that nine and a fo’-fo’, that h2 is never full
bullet proof windows and doors, gangsta how ’bout yours
southside tatted on my back
my last gun shipment got the whole hood strapped
now all i got is two 380’s and a nine
n-gg- you can knock and tell the cops but you’re dyin’

[chorus – repeat 2x]
you’re thicker than water
ouch! twizzy wizzy wa
you’re thicker than water
ouch! twizzy wizzy wa
you’re thicker than water
ouch! twizzy wizzy wa
you can be a blood or a crip
n-gg-, you b-tch
follow me

[tony yayo]
i used to chill in the hood, to support the fiends
but now i’m eatin’ caviar instead of pork and beans
i’m in the money green 7-45, with 7 shots in the fo’ five
y’all n-gg-s wanna die?
i got a love affair, wit’ violence and guns
so this is for them gangstas, rep’ where you from
when i got o’d up, my heart turned colder
that’s why the mac react like a king cobra
now i’m jumpinc