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lirik lagu 50 cent – fake love


my life, my life, my life, my life

yeah, yeah, yeah

fake love is when your homie give you dap,
smile in your face when he wants your -ss clapped,
fake love, fake love is when they never be around,
but once you get rich, they all get down,
fake love, fake love’s when yo friends f-ck yo b-tch,
don’t think with his head, only think with his d-ck,
fake love, so my friends enemies and my enemies be friends,
don’t show no love, don’t pretend

[verse 1]
50 got yayo gettin’ all this cash, now all these yes men wanna kiss my -ss
but back in the street you ain’t help me re-up,
locked up had court dates you never showed up,
what the f-ck, tell me wat you grinnin’ at n-gg-,
if i get killed, my stash you spendin’ that n-gg-,
some people want nothin’ outta life and some people want it all,
lets roll,
i see the jealousy and envy wen you see me shoppin,
saphyre watch got your jaw droppin’,
when i move that 8th, you seven gram poppin’,
you ain’t happy for me, you hope that the feds watchin’,
i ain’t stoppin’ homie i’m number one, while you schemin’ on me i’m playin’ it dumb,
so when it comes to the point is you ready to flip?,
i’m a pull out first and let my clip, take that


[verse 2]
now your man ain’t your man if he extortin’ n-gg-,
and your man ain’t your man if he shortened n-gg-,
listin, money talks and bullsh-t runs marathons,
when your money’s gone, that’s them hoes gone,
fake love is wen your n-gg- st-tch you up,
i ain’t know about your chain, when ur sh-t was tucked,
you know the type to rat you out and sell you out,
get locked and your man ain’t gon’ bail you out,
you got a brand new whip, your sh-t is lovely,
yeah it’s aight but his rims is ugly,
fake friends show fake love,
you know the type of n-gg- that will leave you in the club


my life, my life, my life, my life

writer: karim denis, marvin bernard, roy ayers
lyrics © chrysalis music group, universal music publishing group