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lirik lagu 50 cent – e.m.s


[male sings in background, which repeats the last word on every other line during 50 cent’s verse; then says “body” throughout banks & yayo’s verse]

[50 cent]
ga ga g-unit! (body) haha, yo, yo

i need no introduction, everybody (body)
heard of 50 cent, and heard of g-unit
i’m not high-tek and i’m not kweli
you see me in the club
you better tell the bouncers to treat me special, i’m somebody (body)
cause i get on that jet, in 5 minutes flat
n-gg-s’ll come back, shoot up your party (party)
if i don’t have fun, n-body havin’ none
i’m tryin’ to holla at ya, come here shorty (shorty)
shout out to my n-gg- juvie, whack goes here buck
my n-gg-s from new orleans, wodie (wodie)
if we on the same page, when you see me on stage
you gonna throw your hands up, and you gonna applaud me (plaud me)
you know how i get, i’m still on that bullsh-t, n-gg-, n-gg-

[tony yayo]
i run around with the trey (body) pound like it’s a sport
and call my name in the bench, while i sit in court
i got a million dollar smile (body), and a fist full of pesos
and the wrist so icey, it could light up a stage show
in the club (body), n-gg- i stay holdin’
cause i’m on point for them wolves, and sheep clothin’
i play the bar (body), with a double shot of henny
cause after this spot, it’s cheaters, and envy
(shorty if you feel a n-gg-, call me) (body)

[lloyd banks]
yeah, banks, yeah
look you ain’t got to like me, that’s (body) cool, i don’t give a f-ck
clowny time ain’t gonna put me in a bigger truck
f-ck kids, it (body) ain’t my turn to be stressed
a b-tch worse nightmare is a paternity test
i’m too young to be faithful (body)
if money, means love, i hate you
i only trick on the first of april
holla at me, if you thugged (body) out shorty ready to fight you
dice, roll a blunt, and pull the snub out for me
and if your not don’t even (body) call me

[gun shot fired, yelling]