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lirik lagu 50 cent – don’t want to talk about it


i make millions quick, and i don’t
wanna talk about it
i shoot a n-gg- kid, and i don’t
wamma talk about it
i f–k the baddest b-tches, i don’t
wanna talk about it
i’m still flippin chickens, i don’t
wanna talk about it

go head and ask me what i’m riddin in
so i can say the enzo, my b-tch roll down
the window so i can feel the wind blow
gotta be big enough to fit all my kin folk
b-tches with me cruzin, moulin rougin’
they f–kin and they strippin n-gg-, i ain’t

even trippin n-gg-
me i handle business, god’s my only witness
watchin homicide sayin who the f–k did dis
me i run the street mane, so i keep the heat mane
your soul is what you reap, when you f–k with the
elite mane
i don’t f–k around boy, you better ask around boy
i’ll hit you with the pound, leave your -ss on the
ground for, you poppin that bullsh-t like i don’t
pull sh-t
fully-loaded clips and whips, get the grip, flip the
n-gg- we hittin licks, stickin sh-t, gettin rich
that’s why my name ring bells all round this b-tch
any hood you go through they know 50 cent