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lirik lagu 50 cent – da repercussions


uh huh, uh huh, five, five, one… it’s real sh-t n-gg-

you n-gg-s say somethin’ slick, you’ll get slapped for that
you n-gg-s schemin’ on some jewels, you’ll get clapped for that
if ya’ll n-gg-s want war, i got the mack for that
run up with some work, and get your head cracked for that

[verse 1]
n-gg- if a nickel bag sold in the park, i want in on it
the bullsh-t i’m in right now n-gg-, i’ve been on it (yeah)
if i don’t eat, n-body eat, code of the street
no surrender, no retreat, my n-gg-s rollin’ with heat (woo)
you’ll know my stees, i spark trees, under palm trees
feel a breeze, and fees, in expanded keys
cop it straight from the bay, tap dance on the yay
your people make a g day, you ain’t rich, you just ok
i take the stand under oath and lie
before i snitch on my clique, i’ll fry
or watch time go by
n-gg-s want to steal slabs, and dib or dab
in the posse, who steals from the hands that feed ’em, deserve
to die

[chorus] – 2x

[verse 2]
you gettin’ money n-gg- (yeah), you dimed out (yeah)
well 50 cent is the hottest sh-t out this (yeah)
you bust your gun n-gg- (yeah), you on the run n-gg- (yeah)
you treat a grown man, like he ya son (n-gg-)
yo, i ain’t the first parolee, to catch his n-gg- for his rolee
and after being on the street, less than a week
look, n-gg-s who know me, know i’m up to no good

man my fan base is spreading like hiv in the hood
why smack a n-gg- silly, when i can squeeze the nilly (squeeze
that sh-t)
a slug’ll split a n-gg-s -ss, worst than the philly
i stay with the heater, cut the d with bonita
my wifey kept acting up, so i had to leave her
it hurted when i left, but i knew i didn’t need her
if it wasn’t for my seed, i wouldn’t even hafta see her
she tried to front like she don’t need me, she miss me, believe
it’s that soap opera sh-t, the b-tch watch too much tv

[chorus] – 2x

[verse 3]
aight you n-gg-s tryin’ to do too much (stop frontin’)
them little bit of chips you got son, (ain’t nothin’)
i seen you with your whip outside (you stuntin’)
you spent your last on that (you ain’t holdin’ nothin’)
rap n-gg-s, they actin’ like they ready to flip
when i let off a clip, it ain’t a part of the script
its like tradition, rap n-gg-s, dyin’ they whips
so i spent a little chips, to bulletproof my sh-t
you a 6 coupe n-gg-, but you gears behind
n-gg- yours a 92, mine’s a 99
your not in my league, the ghetto taught me tools to succeed
shallow up a seed, i’ll write it down so you can read
if you’ve been listening, i know you’ve been loving what i said
if not you dumb f–k, i just run over your head

[chorus] – 2x

{-singing in background until fade-}