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lirik lagu 50 cent – close your eyes outro


[dj whoo kid:] {whooooooooo! }

[50 cent:]
i need n-gg-s to listen to me ’round and need you close your eyes, right?
and listen to me… and shut up mansion when i’m doin’ right here, right?
okay, i’m in harlem… and no fo’ sho’ you don’t know it.
harlem looks like… okay, so… just imagine is!
imagine it a tecs he cap, runs with 15 tecs we caps in a roll.
but they not yellowcaps!
this saw in the ‘cedes’ benzes.
because… we’re now in new york… we’re in harlem.
okay? now look a imagine is!
the door opens… at the 5 star hotel. there he is: “it’s lloyd bank$! ”
he’s walkin’ out… look at him: “aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh! ”
the crowd goes wild! “lloyd bank$! lloyd bank$! could you sign my -ss? ”
that’s what she says. right?
and why you look… you gotcha eyes close, right?
it supposed to be a imagine it… okay?
“lloyd bank$! lloyd bank$! sign my t-tties! ”
right? this is what they doin’, right?
and… why they goin’ crazy? they know this…
ooooh! the other guy… the other guy: “that’s 50cent! oh, my god! ” now: aaaaaaaooooooohhhhhhh!
the crowd goes wild…
the guys in then… the guys gon’: “yo! yo, 50 whattup? yo, yo whattup my n-gg-? ”
and 50’s lookin’ like: “what the f-ck are this groupie -ss n-gg-‘s doin’ around me? ”
they understand, i’m like: “what tha f-ck? get the f-ck from around me! why are b-tches runnin’
from bank$ an’ that n-gg-s comin’ at me? whatta f-ck is goin’ on around here? ”
right? so close your eyes motherf-cker! yeah, it’s s’pposed to be a imagine it!
so they lookin’, right? and they lookin’…
and they see the other guys comin’ out now entourage.
and it gon’: “yo! who the f-ck is he? ”
any kept quiet figure out who the f-ckin’ yearz, because he’s just… remember on entourage.
but he has on more f-ckin’ diamonds than the other guys.
and now you like…
“whatta f-ck is goin’ on heeere? ”
and you thinkin’ it: this is a dream! right?
close your eyes, all right? this s’pposed to be a imagine. all right?
and it, she looks closer… we start to know is…
there everybody hands on down…
so… the city is self you gon’… wait a minute! the milli tell me everybody’s rich?
and them yo’ city is yo’self…
been down with g-unit is a dream! hahahahahahaaaa!