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lirik lagu 4nimalistic – highest level


j~wright just watched my story and told me that my flow was better
rapping bout some mental health and i’ll make your girlfriend f~cking wetter
sure you got some clout but i bet you also paid for that
keep thinkin your above me and i’ll have you f~cking lying flat
innocent since you got the people on your side
but when i’m done with you b~tch i’ll have the whole game turning tides
still won’t show the dm cause you know spent a f~cking band
all the talent in your body is enough to only fill my hand
you think your high and mighty but to me you’re just a f~cking speck
i got the pistol in my hand i’m bout to makе your life a wreck
higher lеvels doesn’t slap, all your singles copy nate
ripping off of him yeah i bet you think your bars are great
came to you for f~cking help but all you did was leave me cold
futuristic carries you, he helps you while his d~ck you hold
little matty’s feeling hurt i hope you slide up with some words
tell me how i’m f~cking up cause you think that you’re the lord
you know your life is over and you know i’m going for the win
tell you keep you head up but then we’d see you have no chin
talking bout your mental health your a f~cking pity party
your sh~tty bars may slap to some your music doesn’t do it for me
it’s kinda funny how you tho how you think that your the f~cking goat
your sh~tty raps have got to end ghostwriters keep your ass afloat
independent b~tch it’s like i am a feminist
just take a look at all your odds you know you aren’t winning this
try to climb up to the top you falling cause you weigh a ton
this motherf~ckers so depressed it’s like he’s having 0 fun
i trample over you like i’m a moose that’s on the run
it like you brought your fists to fight and i’m the one that brought the gun
i’m never letting up your dealing with me til you die
this track ain’t even over i can hear start to f~cking cry
i bet you won’t just fire back cause you think i’m irrelevant
but in the end of all this sh~t i’m the one that’s k!lling it
i hear the battle drum they’re pounding cause i took the gold
tell men when you figure out your sh~tty raps are getting old
well never hear from you again i’ll take your f~cking mandible
call it b~ast!~lity you just got f~cked by 4nimal
call me eminem cause i took it up a f~cking notch
your you lyricism’s pack away inside a tiny
f~cking box
ain’t n0body wanna be on you’re corny f~cking song
i know this tracks really hard but you’re the one that did me wrong
heard your tryna get with joy i f~cked then i passed her off
i passed her off to samson then to tico like i’m jared goff
i bet you’ll try to ice me but you have no where to f~cking hide
i’m in a league all on my own your clout won’t get you by my side