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lirik lagu 4ld3m1g – euphoria :d


today im feeling fully with euphoria
because i won my prize (hooray)
oh i’m so mothef~cking euphoric
that i wanna f~cking die

i know it seems kinda weird
i’m just gonna say indeed
& sit here
it felt like another day in life
so f~cking boring i wish i could die :d
(i am staring at a pile of sh~t hah~)

euphoria :d
i was waiting for you
excuse me i
feelt happy but i don’t know what to do
euphoria :d
siento que me moría
i did knew how to express myself so i cried
everyone expected something coming for me
i felt like i’d disapointed them

it’s jusk f~cking bullsh~t u know
i didn’t came to my life like a shooting bow