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lirik lagu 4ft fingers - one for the road


something just a while ago told me i should go
never thought it would have come to this
didn’t see his fist, must’ve missed
drinkin’ all night well that tw-t was p-ssed

and i know, it’s not gonna be o.k.
one for the road, til i get back home

all i hear is my friends saying ‘one more beer’
then i head back to my place
i was drunk and had some cuts and b-mps
10 if them and 2 of us let’s go

why is it when i feel so alive
i’m the one that’s always gotta f-ckin’ drive
not a guy who can just have one
whats the point in that and where’s the fun?

after 6 i’m up to my normal tricks
saying that i’ve lost my keys
so i beg you please
buy a drink for me
and one for the trip back home

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