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lirik lagu 4 lil larry – polo green



shark week gone have a field day when i release/
i sign myself don’t need no label a&ring me/
chip on my shoulder won’t consider so don’t offer me/
market share i need my piece don’t ev talk to me/

they be confused when u dis educated out da streets/
they tried to shadow ban my content on technology/
n0body like what they don’t get n dats alright wit me/
…ion need u to accept me b~tch i fw me/

display some confidence n folk be thinkin u conceit/
u talkin down on yo lil brotha ain no hopе 4 me/
f~ what u talkin bout i go off what u showin me/
low key da tint pеrcentage roughly 23/

dat boy a flexer got his shawty layin under me/
she wanna n~gga fill her up who got da 3 by 3/
i’m in her guts she tooted up she takin off her ring/
she road runnin got ah actin like da coyote/

u kno my fragrance when i fall thru b~ polo green/
if i share luv wit shawty once she think she go wit me/
man i ain finna kick da whale until i’m overseas/
my queen got child bearin hips she mixed wit portuguese/
u kno my smell witcho lil nosey ass bih polo green/
thick smoke dat from dat gas not no potpourri/
ev city i got connections fa what i need/
ion get y n~ggaz envy nev felt da need/