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lirik lagu 3rd man in – lies within


words that mean nothing your too blind to ask
ignore past stories of guilty intent
masked by the ignorance still lies within
all on the outside can see right through
finding this so wrong has never set in
you’ll take away what never was yours to give
constantly sinking to a brand new low
time and again this will come around

you’ll always play your part
selfishness never change
you’ll always have yourself
thoughts rearrange
how can you walk away
not care what’s left behind
you’ll always have yourself
see you left behind

before it’s too late these feelings stolen away
the pain that one day you will know all to real
times that mean nothing that you’ll never see
cant take it back after time again

ill take my time
to see it through
the emptiness inside your ripped away
its all too real
i cant escape
time is finding this hard to cope
i cannot breath
a single word
i always come around to ask myself the reasons why
what lies beneath
this false destiny
left to bury my face in my hands

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