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lirik lagu 3rd bass – the gas face


aiyyo prince paul, is this a gas face lyrical remix?
yes indeed serch and it goes a little somethin’ like this

gas, past tense, made facially
3rd b-ss’ll express, kmd
three blind mice on sight
zev lover, gave it the first light

so i revise on remix
swing super unleaded on my gas d-ck
kicks ’em in the grill for non believers
i leave ’em speechless, backstab deceivers

sub roc cut, serch with the clipper
i change oil, i unzip my zipper
a riff of aretha, a face of saliva
don’t gas the 3rd, the 3rd is liver

and try your luck but your -ss got waxed
so all negative vibes got axed
i beg to differ, i cleanse my system
another victim, the gas face i give ’em
oh sh-t, oh sh-t, oh sh-t, oh sh-t

black cat is bad luck, bad guys wear black
musta been the same guy who set up the [incomprehensible] 01:00
make the gas face for those souped up supremist’s
can’t forget about the cocaine chemist

that made crack a household name
silence for yusef hawkins bein’ slain
lamebrains, who can’t accept us equal
black and white, wrong or right, we’re all people

tryin’ for better days to let our kids see some
tenement square, people fightin’ for freedom
beijing students fought armies with guns and knives
at kent state, they took four lives

nelson mandela’s not free
because he can’t even vote in his own country
one day these problems will scatter
can’t you see the gas face is no laughin’ matter?

oh sh-t, there it is for ninety one, ninety two, ninety three
oh sh-t, yo wh-ssup? wh-ssup? wh-ssup?
oh sh-t, yo prince paul, who we givin’ the gas face to now, g?
oh sh-t, yo we givin’ the gas face to jerome williker of the bronx

yeah, hey yo, no gas face for chantelle
no gas face for the brooklyn queens
connecticut long island, new jersey strong island posse
none of them get the gas face ’cause we love everyone

stupid man, y’all sick, oh sh-t
yeah, we sick but we out to peace