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lirik lagu 36 mafia – link time hoe


that god damm dope… yeah hoe yeah hoe(all throught the song)
we gotta come like we get down ‘n’ dirty for our figas, we gotta
come like we
be quick to pull back on some triggas, we gotta come you know
that devil sh-t
is still up in us, we mafia n-gg-s, we mafia n-gg-s, (this
chourse 1 more time)
so that wicked got some sh-t you b-tches neva saw i come wit
shakas and they
b-mpin now i’ll break the law, i cut the air for you breathe,
whill i’m blazin on
theses greens… something anbout trees)… we’ll take yo leg all
off, you chokin
from exhaust, you lost up in the sauce, you stumble against the
wall, don’t play
with lord at all, you didn’t listin now you p-ssin down yo leg
and got a gun
against yo head, you know i’m headin for a bl–dy ball? i’m tryin
to go for boss,
prepare for all the cops, i got’em possin when i toss it and
we’ll get ’em all,
i’m dirty for the calls, b-tch don’t you hit the b-lls, i’ll lock
you b-tches in
the ice box when it’s full of frost, b-tch don’t you know when i am high i leave
a dimplo, c-ck back this pistol and i’ll pop you like a pimpo
(pimple), i got
the 2, and the stones, in yo home, with the chrome, you alone,
and the rest is
very simple (simple)

aint no n-gg- don’t play with me, play wit me my n-gg- i’m gonna
lay ya in the
street, all i came for is cheese, maybe that’s hard to belive, i’m
gonna lock
down a load and let yo b-tch -ss bleed, let y’all know that i
came, wit some
sh-t up my sleeve, know what i mean my n-gg- it’s only just me
slit a line down
my sleeve? something put some lead in yo heart, it’s only the
sick sh-t, don’t
get sh-t started.

now ever scince we came, them hatas don’t know where to go, they
try to go to
they crib, i shot around in there home, i’m bustin lugas with
some lugas do ya
n-gg- i’m gonna send some straight through ya screw ya, bout this
buisness, bout
these boys, bout this witness wit these toys
wit these toys yeah we gotta make the noise when we c-ck ’em
guaranteed to kill
’em rob ’em stop ’em wit a saud off shot gun n-gg-s in the
street and, frid up
only dog food? and rockin so much dope the restrooms toxic in
the madness it’s
like psycotic
the last chourse.