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lirik lagu 3 daft monkeys – monkey & the slippers


monkey sat on my head in gibraltar.
saw the mountains of hades ’cross the water.
paid the ferryman from tarifa to tangiers.
been wanting to go there for so many years.
we crossed the straits to an unknown land,
full of colours and spices and castles of sand.
all we had was a monkey in hand
as we floated across in the sunlight.
we arrived at the port with our western tools.
had no money, no idea, no concept of their rules.
to the kasbah we ascended!
constantly apprehended, ‘til we subtly offended the
slipper sellers ruse.

no matter where we’re from, how far from our home;
no matter where we are we’re not lost.
no matter what we conceive in what we believe,
it’s time to love and not count the cost.

then we haggled in the market place,
didn’t do too well; we just lost face
had enough of this city, didn’t know when it hit me,
but we had to get out of this place.
we travelled back from the unknown land
to a costa with vistas that i understand.
memories for life but no monkey in hand,
as we floated back in the moonlight.
on the way i felt a rising shame,
and my ignorance it was to blame.
i saw foreign faces, believed all the hatreds
that’s been pushed on me playing their game