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lirik lagu 3 against 1 – broken


verse 1
and as the day begins to rise
give a day for the life, liberty, trust in the american way
i was taken by surprise
to see the gate close tightly
step in line was all i heard ’em say
and as the day begins to lay
across the land like a blind kid playing life as if it were a game
i tried walking towards the light
with my fist in the air, i turned my head and lost the fight

and there’s nothing left for me down here
so why can’t i just fly
away from all this pain and fear
among the broken lights

verse 2
time will surely take it’s toll
wrinkled skin, grey hair, and turn all of you young to old
i can’t change my life i’ve tried
and with this i’ll never be a star in the sky


and when i’m walking out the shadows
help me free my mind
wanna live for tommorow
tommorow’s just the end of time
dont you walk away
dont you walk away


chorus addition
ive paid my dues
ive walked that road
and now i want to rise
above the clouds where angels glow
among the broken lights

its getting hard to breathe x3