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lirik lagu 2x0jwitdabliky – bangx!


whoa my man slow down with rapping bi~lingual
you’re making my hands and my mind start to tingle
veni, vini, vicci
you can’t even reach me
i came i saw i conquered
you can’t even teach me
that’s conquered like destroy, not concord like a grape
like bacteria in your mouth, this garbage i scr~pe
and toss in the trash
these lyrics are brash
here’s some cream for that rash
cause my respect you may have earned
but you’ve just been lyrically burned (bang 3x)

say less

i spit more rhymеs then the money you hand out while begin taxed
ur a fat kid with no neck, and i bet, if you spit another rap at me i`ll just strike back
and everything you been saying better step out of your mind
ur like a hypocrite that sucks at making lines
u should get a little word from that bully you stirred
and made a deal with him that makes your sh~t seem so ubsurred
i might as well just leave now, your sh~t is starting to drown
i’m always the king on top of your ass wearing the crown