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lirik lagu 2strapst3 – groupie hoes


they like how i talk my sh~t i tell em it’s just gettin started gotta groupie b~tch in the trap gas so loud it smell like i farted, my n~ggas will step regardless, retarted n~gga from new orleans. they say it be cap in my rap but ian gon stop until i’m a big artist , these n~ggas be all on my dicc , tell em stop it they ain’t on sh~t. got the drop and the block ain’t bent. hop out then i’m takin yo sh~t . my n~ggas been ready for this . don’t run we poppin yo sh~t. den i’m takin yo b~tch eat up the kids while she swallow this d~ck. groupie b~tch say she f~ckin wit this . li b~tch stay askin fa d~ck. told her i can’t have no kids. now it’s time to flip thе script..
and i said i’m flipping the script mane yous a goofy lil b~tch . and you ain’t standing on sh~t. versе one

getchu a stick fa 1 or 2 hunnit you n~ggas p~ssy and sweet like honey . don’t talk to me if you be running. just stay out the way and stack up some money. stack up the money and getchu sum digits you n~ggas fight and punch like b~tches. when sh~t go down y’all turn into snitches . turn into snitches and don’t f~ck no b~tches. you n~ggas hoes i swear they gon feel this . up 24 hours ain’t talkin fitness get off yo ass and start you a business get in the gym lil n~gga start lifting
verse 2
my n~ggas packin totin them pistols. giving them h~ll i swear we won’t miss em. put him on a shirt b~tch we dismissed em he wasn’t a thug i sent them hittas b~tch ass n~gga got hit in his fitted p~ssah n~gga yea he run with them b~tches . got a pack then i went flipped it you n~ggas fake i’m talkin scripted. yea i’m talkin scripted groupie hoe love this feelin. p~ssah n~gga be in his feelings . posting . crying . b~tchin. took his b~tch she like how i’m livin. fuccin these hoes nah ian tippin. fuccin once den i dismissed ha. den the li b~tch went cried to ha sista. she said i can’t help that’s how he livin
verse 3