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lirik lagu 2ru3 – thoughts


many thoughts in my mind, trying to break me shake me make me fall
making me feel as if, in this life day to day that i can’t ball

stand tall, i ain’t talking about having plenty figures and riches
don’t get it twisted
a n~gga trying to increase in the way in which he living

but i’m meaning, in my mind
and i’m meaning, within my heart
i’m just saying
i’m trying to do the right thing, live in the light and not in the dark

by far, being 2ru3 ain’t easy, someone gotta believe me
let me know what it is and help a brother out where i’m trying to be
reaching, seeing

myself in another path and a nеw direction
day to day, i’m asking the lord if he don’t mind plеase guide where i’m stepping

cause i ain’t trying to do the wrong thang, ain’t trying to go the wrong way
you know what they say, when it’s all said and done i really, wanna hear you say, well done