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lirik lagu 2ru-stori – soul food on a sunday


soul food on a sunday…
blue cheese on a monday…
work late on a friday…
and i pray you make it… one day!

verse 1
the consequence of consciousness;
the people’s common sense/
immaculate is accurate
you’re still a legend, prince!/
essential workers earn a tenth;
they got us thithing since/
pastor mason, birth amazing;
like a body cleanse/
i’m not a mason, spirit praising;
tryna tie these ends/
demon raising, body shaming;
but we onlyfans/
new mercedes ’round the corner/
sprintеr’s chasing bends/
tip my fountain in the well;
for pal’s who in thеm pens/
every sentence still a story;
know we love you friends!/
seen em picture us as k!llers
through their canon lense/
tried to tie us to them priors
never made amends/
wasn’t suited to be lawyers
need a new defense/
missing middle, said we seated
on this picket fence/
they be riding on our metros
till their ticket ends/
only win off reputation
balon d’or ma gents/
parent’s bought into the struggle
generation rents…/
only lead us outta trouble
cos you caught a ghents/
couldn’t get a couple hundo
now it’s making sense/
cos we harvesting a bundle
but we making cents/
poker players on my corner
paid ubuntu tax/
young verstappen, shawty’s driven
take it to the max/
said my dawgies on a mission
for these scooby snacks/
think we chopping all these handles
like we lumberjacks/
eve & adam, need a garden;
for our jumping~jacks/
verse 2
this for them winter’s
when fried rice, was soul food/
i thought them leaders with dreadlocks, were so rude/
i’m underground
where illrose, still brent crude/
and thando just healed us
wit’ soul food/
you write jabs that land flush/
light up like a.blitz
we so clutch/
merk flows like tonii
and smoke dutch/
lufuno continues…
y’all hate much?/
macho, that’s so black & ol’skool/
macho dun been ill from high school/
ernee, your flow nice
just act cool!/
my type, is thick thick;
keep room for mad growth
they’re hostile/
took faith from stog’ t;
uno just cooked up an album…/
no cap, this on cap, i got em!/
no cap, it’s on cap, i got em/
my flows is on tap, i got em/

soul food on a sunday…
we blue cheese on a monday…
work late on a friday…
and i pray you make it… one day!