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lirik lagu 2ru-stori – i still miss h.e.r. (hearing every rhyme)


verse 1
goal keeper, di tswa’ da tunnel
after messi/
earned stripes on this field
like a referee/
i couldn’t be right back
where you left me/
overlapping jimmy tau’s
handles rate we/
centre~back’s still defending
where the press b?/
oj, burning kush
brodie friendly…/
left~back, for a minute
saka next g!/
when ~rs~nal’s need a budget
we dangote…/

verse 2
godfathers in thе game
playing double~6/
how we drеaded all these lames
and they still exist?/
jabu mendu, s~curl
shawty’s h~lla p~ssed/
still creating off the juices
if you get the gist!/
wouldn’t shuffle up the pack
for experience…/
saw him shuffle on the wing
been a baller since/
junior khanye to my laynes
had a lot to cleanse/
linda buthelezi flows
in a 90’s benz/
verse 3
black jesus to team
playing left wing/
scara standing on the ball
so the fans sing…/
wedding 10’s, in the game
off a dope ring/
right winger’s don’t defend us
they’re depressing…/
missing middle, malcom little
pray we all win/
commentating on the struggle
or you trollin’?/
putting numbers on the board
going harden…/
why they sub us in the game
when we startin’…/

verse 4
this for the striker’s in my city
tryna make change!/
shawty’s shooting out the box
cos i got range/
couldn’t charge ’em by the pound, foreign exchange/
leslie manyathela goals
in a black range…/
double charge it to the game, spending loose change/
petty cash, still afloat
they account strange/
off~side chicks
trapping on the same page/
tryna score, team goals
on the world stage…/