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lirik lagu 2pac – hit em’ up ii [part two][dtf]




i ain’t got no m-th-f-ckin’ friends
what y’all n-gg-s talkin’ about
h-ll yeah
i’m a do this m-th-f-ckin’ track
and they know exactly
who i’m talkin’ about too
you old b-tch made n-gg-s

verse 1


n-gg-s talk plenty sh-t
so many tricks
i f-cked your b-tch
cause i’m true to this
witness the hit
you talk bad about a n-gg-
when i got blasted
hope you made a little money
while the funk lasted
heard they call you big poppa
n-gg- how you figure
cause to me
you’ll always be a phoney fat n-gg-
i can’t be copy these
and wearin’ versachi
n-gg- you run or buck
scared as f-ck
if the guns would bust
now n-gg-s talk
i got a list
of player haters the fakes
you b-tch n-gg-s
gettin’ blown away
you cross-eyed
down syndrome
crack baby
so you and puffy are tough
now that’s crazy
i got your -ss in my sight
n-gg-s dyin’ tonight
we screamin’
west side for life
and i can’t wait
to see you n-gg-s in traffic
cause we gonna get ’em up
(ha ha ha)
when you see me
you better bust
cause i’m a hit ’em up



grab your glocks
when you see tupac
call the cops
when you see tupac
who shot me
but you punks didn’t finish
now you ’bout to feel the wrath
of a menace
n-gg- we hit ’em up

verse 2


it’s hard to explain
this wasn’t my thang
when i was younger
before my sh-t
i swear to god
i’ll make you stick
just to make a come up
n-gg-s run up
cause more murder
for the money
got caught up
tryin’ to make a harder record
should have been on checked
cause i bet you
and it’s for life
you’ll never gonna see a n-gg- like me
wantin’ a battle up on t.v.
i’d rather release
some of these
and put a slug
to you buster -ss n-gg-s
that continue to squeeze
i got some n-gg-s
back in jersey
that would rather be jackin’ cars
and robbin’ b-tch n-gg-s
like y’all for emergency
let’s take it back
to the west side
them n-gg-s
sure gonna be ridahs
and plus we thug life n-gg-s
so call us multiply
finger on the trigger
b-tches stand and rise
but we don’t trust ’em
they might be the first
that we gonna bust up
just label me a bad boy killer
you mobb deep b-tches
gonna feel us
when we turn into killers
hit ’em up

verse 3


now this is me
b. k.
all day
ain’t no frontin’
ain’t no quicker
strictly bad boy killin’
shoot that -ss like a squealer
now let this m-th-f-cka
top down
i’m fittin’ to drop rounds
lettin’ these sounds
pop and then i’m hot bound
seein’ them shatter
shootin’ my sh-t
to work a lease go
what’s up to the ridahs
in l.a.
don’t preach on up
to the east o.
shootin’ that so
see low
that sh-t don’t hurt you

made to turn you purple
wanna take a plane
but we enemies
to the game
well get that -ss tamed
simple and plain
y’all know the name
through the whole night
n-gg-s get taught

then we bobbin’ through
they hits slow
no need for runnin’
cause we don’t give a f-ck
beside the funky man
we got to hit they -ss
on up

verse 4

[hussein fatal]

get out the way
get out the way
biggie smalls just got shot
and i’m a true eagle
n-gg- don’t need your fat -ss
in california
i catch you
on any east coast corner
and your -ss is a goner
puffy hit the f-ckin’ block
i’ll run at you n-gg-
and i’ll smoke the junior m.a.f.i.a.
in front of you n-gg-
with the ready power
ducked in my guess
under my eddie bower
you clothes petty sour
i push bomb packages
every hour
my sons past
when slappin’ nickels
on gl-ss forties
so hurry the cash
you made on that f
without your -ss shorty
i got a team
of simple boutable souls
with my ears like yoda
quick as a cobra
and never sober

verse 5


i’m on a twelve o’ clock
cruise to brooklyn
and i’m lookin’
for the thirl in your barrel
ready to get his life tookin’
so where your killers at
you fake trick
e.d.i. will leave your coward -ss
and a full clip
in your stomach
you been all year n-gg-
poppin’ every coward
and every n-gg- behind you
i made it about impossible
for you n-gg-s to escape
another murder
or visit to the hospital
i can’t wait
meet up with all you b-tches
in the streets
so i can leave all you cowards
covered in white sheets
when we hit ’em up

verse 6


if you a big bad m-th-f-cka
come step to this
i got your life in the hit
and one hidden in the clip
who wanna test this
to the 1 2 3
bound to get they -ss
put under
cause the storm
is bringin’ nothin’ but thunder
who’s the bomb n-gg-
quick to feel that
kill that sorry n-gg-
who’s the bigger trigger
i approached the two g’s
you though i was easy
now you beggin’ on your knees