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lirik lagu 2nd in command – no freestyles allowed


how should i start my verse? wait, i got it
i’ll open a bank with the money i audit
your album was not it, my vibe is hypnotic
while you be acting like your depth is subnautic
loosen up a bit
why you think all your fans are jumping ship?
all your ego, they’ve had enough it
you been talking like a d~mn republi…
oh, i’m sorry! too political?
gonna p~ss or sh~t, maybe?
thought the freedom fighters, usa designers
wouldn’t be f~cking babies
but enough, let’s get to my ladies
that’s a song i made, get it?
i’m the greatest rapper of all time!
well, maybe, i gotta give credit
my inspiration all liеs in travis
he’s the one who told mе that i’m destined for the lavish life
all y’all haters, grab your knives, be mad at my life
all my music do to you is agonize
get money, smoke weed, get laid! (i’m working on the last one)
you’re funny, i smoke trees, and get paid! (you’re not even trying anymore!)
if i recite the cliches while inciting “we paid”
i’m exciting the dames~ get with the program!
f~ckers ashamed she in love with my name
(but she isn’t!) oh, uhhh… oops