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lirik lagu 2nd in command – america (what i hear on a daily basis)


verse (2nd):

i love america, land of the brave
and it sure was a shame that we once had slaves
but now that’s over. martin luther king happened
now they’re all free, racism is dead! disappeared like magic
if the corporation’s built on kids backs, i don’t care
i just want a hot pocket, take that away, and it ain’t fair
i don’t see a single problem with these corporate monopolies
capitalist addictions, and the n~word is my comedy
black lives don’t matter, all lives do
if you put black in the front, you’re a racist too
so i guess i’ll put “white lives matter” on my page
cuz it put the liberals into a rage, what a shame!
what a bother, george floyd was such a d~mn tragedy
you use his namesake as an excuse to do blasphemy
saying “reform the police” is so r~t~rded
it ain’t their fault when bad eggs appear, so r~t~rded
and i’m fine with g~y people, i just hate rainbows
all of their identities are exactly the same, bro
be a normal person, wear normal clothes
cuz your biologically a man, everybody knows
you can call yourself a girl, but the d~ck makes it g~y
you’re a femboy, a trap, don’t care if you go away
you’re a pervert, you’re a pedo, get away from my daughter
i want a word with your parents, they led a lamb to the slaughter
and black people shouldn’t cosplay whites, it’s only fair
you demand us “don’t whitewash”, get up out my hair
they’re an animated character, history is irrelevant
feminists are n~z~s, hating those with more melanin
i don’t care if our government shoots a crowd of protesters
don’t test the brave men and women, just vote, mister
there’s a curfew, boo hoo, time to go home
“wait, didn’t you protest the lockdown?” ah, that’s a low blow!
my dad is richer than yours, i’m feeling blessed in my religion
i can say “f~ck f~ggots”, and go unpunished by millions
the system was never racist, you f~ggots don’t get opinions
don’t shut down my social media just cuz you feel offended
for the record, lolicon is not pedophilia
it’s a drawing, so stop b~tching bout the p~rn, i ain’t feeling ya
who cares if it says in the text that she’s only twelve?
she’s a d~mn fine specimen, in drawings i will delve
i don’t wanna k!ll myself, people think i’m smart, right?
i am mentally stable, let have our own apartheid
have you looked at the statistics? black neighborhoods scare me
i’ve prepared for the weird times, guns in solidarity
don’t come in my property, did you pay for this sh~t?
you slave away for forty days to get a raise for this sh~t?
man, i’m amazed at your sh~t! you’re such a mo f~cking leech
keep on begging for food stamps, while tryna get a piece
you ain’t ever break your back working, you ain’t ever sweat
so stop b~tching bout endlessly bout how you cannot pay your debt
i hate women, they hate me, what a glorious cycle!
see a black murdered on my screens~ he was a notorious psycho!
your sh~t is boring me! i’m sick of living lost and lonely
and knowing that a girl will never come to console me!
well, f~ck it, they’re homely, and dress like f~cking sl~ts
they look at me the wrong way, and imma f~ck em up!
don’t you disrespect me! don’t you dare change what ain’t broken!
i don’t care if it is, because it’s all that i know, man!
granddad used to tell me that the world is just hysteria
don’t care if it’s not fair to ya! welcome to america!