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lirik lagu 2nd generation wu – royal genetics


genetics is the study of heredity
the expression of traits, and how they are passed from generation to generation
for thousands of years, humans have observed this inheritance of traits and implemented their knowledge to breed and domesticate plants and animals
however, the science behind inheritance was only starting to be understood and led in the 19th century
each human has between twenty thousand and twenty five thousand genes
this collection, called a genome, determines a person’s traits by influencing factors on a cellular level
genetic information is stored in every cell’s nucleus
structures called chromosomes carry this information in the form of deoxyribonucleic acid, or dna
these segments of dna are what we call genes
and it is within those genes, that chemical compounds provide the coding for all information about a person’s inherited traits
but with these opportunities come risks and ethical questions
and finding the answers to those questions may be the next stage of our understanding of genetics

[peter rosenberg]
pxwer, which is method man’s son
sun god, which is ghostface’s son
and uh, uh, young dirty b~st~rd
and uh, they have a frame that’s the 2nd generation wu