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lirik lagu 2mygrave – healing (freestyle)


[intro: surge]
yuh, yuh, yuh, yuh, yuh, yuh, yuh, uh, yuh

[verse 1: surge]
i be hangin’ a lot
i don’t really wanna stop
but i know this sh~t is exactly what i need
all these b~tches wanna see me but they see me in my dreams
yuh, i got them beams
yuh, sip that lean
yuh, double cup for the fun
yuh, all you b~tches need to run
yuh, now i’m kinda feelin’ numb
yuh, all you b~tches in a bunch
yuh, boutta break you all down
yuh, now i never try to lie
yuh, never, never had to frown
uh, all y’all need to feel this sound
all y’all need a healer
all y’all need to turn up with me, so you can get buck with it
and you can flesh out and look out for the time that goes
to the stars where i see all my dreams i don’t know
yuh, yuh, yuh, now i just wanna sleep
i ain’t never tryna peep
yeah, i’ma take you on a fleet
[verse 2: lxwlife]
scars always black, wherе i’m at
i don’t think i can see past that
i feel attacked, yuh
ghost wanna laugh at me
i think that i ain’t gonna sink down into my dreams
i’m nеver gonna f~ckin’ sleep, yuh
gold dreams, i ain’t never gonna feel the breeze
all i know is the empathy
i ain’t got no remedies for that
i just gotta f~ckin’ k!ll everything
and that means everything
everything, what i mean, what’s yo’ pain?
i ain’t never gon’ change
what that mean? i feel maintained
i don’t really feel maintained
but the pain always wanna go and back, hate, yuh
i don’t think, i just wanna go and f~ckin’ stay, yuh
can i f~ckin’ get the pills? right now, any day, yuh
i just wanna get the help like any f~ckin’ way

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