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lirik lagu 2juice feat that n ac – hertz


rushin through the airport tryin to get to hertz
rushin through the airport gotta get that work
runnin like oj, yeah i got a bag, when i make a deal i need that sh-t in cash!
lay that sh-t out, pay that sh-t out
lay that sh-t out, pay that sh-t out
i just landed and i need those bricks now
i just landed and i need those bricks now

verse1 that n ac
i just got an iphone and a new plug
two tone bentley yeah i’m rocking balmain
all these b-tches on my team, yeah they see my chains
champagne with the perks i gott’em chaisin dreams
i just blacked out and i went platinum
i just made a play and i did the whole dash
i just f-cked a bad b-tch on the first night
i’m f-ckin bad b-tches then i send’em on a flight
i just mixed the codein with the pain pills
you p-ssy n-gg-s better take them advils
i been around the world, in every city!
and at the strip club we do them lines on they t-tties


verse2 that n ac
fresh up out the bando, blow a check i’m the man hoe
god father, f-ckin brando, she sayin i’m an -sshole
king pen in the murder capital
steal from us and we clappin you, we posted on the avenue
hit me on the 7 for a gram, at 10 hit me on the gram
i got the work in the loui, i got the team in the suv
here’s some ecstasy, here’s some cocain, cuz i sell that sh-t
especially if it gets you on my d-ck and i got a brick
it’s 5am now watch me blow a bag!


outro (old lady from hertz commercial) yells
“go oj, go!”