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lirik lagu 2hundred damage, og ak & seers0n – drill talk – snippet 04.03.2021


bullet on trace, b~tch
glock on my belt
i face it
kate wanna flexing (s~xy)
it’s not for you, baby you need a practice (practice)

sharp blade in broke
also with babe and this babe on top (on top)
l!ck my chain, i just wanna f~ck
tell me how to be and how to fight

(now i don’t really care ’bout this sh~t)
pull up, pull up in backseat (backseat)
f~ck off pretty my bad b~tch (bad b~tch)
show a lot of fake pockets (drop sh~t)

bad b~tch on the top, dont stop it
treesha get drank and i think she’s lucky
drill talk hit choppa like a rocket
getting pills is gang life on the darknet