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lirik lagu 2grim yvly – jungle


[verse 1:] how the f~ck i wake up, every day’s the f~ckin’ same? chain smokin’ cigarettes, i smoke my life away. tell me pay attention, b~tch i’m way too f~ckin’ blazed. keep on talkin’ sh~t, you might vanish in the haze. cause i’m armed to the t~~th, like a shadow i creep. ridin’ down yo street, with some gold in my cheek. and a couple b~tches, speak a different language from me. i’m just rollin’ with my g’s, rollin’ up in tha jeep. [hook:] i’m just rollin’ up my greens, i could have your b~tch if i please, i don’t mean to be mean but it’s me, watch how i glisten and i gleam, i don’t need a team, one man army in the streets. (yеah that’s me.x3) [chorus:] talkin’ all that sh~t, yeah you come up on mе, kid i got the blade. you don’t wanna get it, you don’t want this fight, you don’t want this fade.(x2) [verse 2:] how the f~ck you wake up, every day’s the f~ckin’ same? playin’ like a boss, but you really just a lame. try and speed up, but you’ll never reach my lane. you can talk the talk, but you’ll fade just the same. you ain’t got what it takes, you can’t make it make or break. you just sit and complain, nah you can’t make the change. yu can’t turn the tide, you ain’t switchin’ on your brain. yuo ain’t thinkin’ twice, nah you dunno a thing. [hook 2:] got a lot goin’ on for me, gotta lotta motherf~ckers clingin’ onto me. like i give ’em all autonomy, call me god it’s all fallin’ onto me. philosophical pariah of the ages, call me ptolemy, yeah ptolemy. (chorus x 2)