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lirik lagu 2face_theshadow – charged


three five i was therefore
i swear to god i don’t know why and how
i’ll use it for
so they tell me i’m kinda psycho
no sh~t excuse me i may go
let the demons out but the beat is so slow
wanna jump off my d~ck you’re hot hoe
you felt it b~tch like my flow is a black whole
but excuse the sh~t off of my god~mn french
just please don’t spell mumbles rhymes at my god~mn launch
let it go you’re a piece of sh~t
what’s the benefits i may get?
no sh~t i’ll let
that’s my glory wanna feel it?
come and let’s make it lit
yeah b~tch let’s jump off
if you won’t f~ck off
trying to rap on omegle don’ tell me it was a glitch
making freestyles for girls that’s the kind of b~tch i like
call the momb~lls it is emergin
play with rhymes n~gga you still a virgin
ohhh now so many b~tches talking about me
they think i should quite of this sh~t but you just can’t see
me doing the moon walk
we should talk
i’ll keep rap
i’ll keep slap
you keep talk
till you motherf~cker die with an overdose
not because of the bills but with my
bullets in his noise
everything that it’s should be
makes me strong like thomas shelby
ima thinking to make it beef to those
so n~gga choose
who take that i’m super man
you’re hoe man
your girl get inside my car like i’m human
camera inside just baby get out
dont’t hide let’s go for a ride

i leave competitors to cling for their life on a tightrope
one wave and i’m controlling the team like a maestro
with nice flows, decide your fate with a dice throw
if you agree with everything then take a hike bro
cuz you a b~tch made
don’t wanna engage
to avoid conflict
trapped on the inside no different to a convict
i don’t f~ck the coward type i find them all repugnant
and as soon as i turn my back they transform to a pundit
me and my guys pull up to the scene in a range rover
trained like luke on dagobah
leave you guys woozy like a hangover
i’m done with all that bullsh~t
i’m bout to make these fools quit
with the tool clip
packing metal like a toolkit
cuz i’m tired of all these liars
pull their t~~th out with pliers
turn their fam into criers
when i’m setting fires
and making them all sing like choirs

ayo lemme spit my flow
lemme hit the dough
line em up in a row
spit em
and hit em
with the flow then i go
end a ho like woah
where you finna go?
catch this action like a godd~mn go pro
i’m spitting it real quick cuz imma g~nius and cuz i’m the leanest
and the meanest and the cleanest and the realist
i’m feeling real fiendish, im spraying like an ak47 or a glock 11
lemme get my mac 7
bring you down to h~ll or up to heaven
i stay respecting with what i’m reppin and steppin
and what i’ve been kept in
i got health and wealth and i’m k!llin it with stealth
that’s how its dealt
mind ringing with voices headphones
send em a loan i’m in the zone
we unknown but we pr~ne
to get grown but i’ve stayed on my own
u like a broke sword u missing the point
strech his arms out so he got sore joints
is it rhyming or spitting
my wickedness is unforgiving
i’m telling you how it is with mad bluntness
imma keep throwing punches and leave ya frontless
yo tell me some motherf~ckas who cna murder without a gun
they’ll be saying the name abraham rollo shreddiez and ch1
man i’m done