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lirik lagu 27reeves – vootmeup!


[intro: yvnglouie and 27reeves]
ooh, yuh
ayy, ayy
yuh, ayy
yuh, ayy
b~tch, b~tch
yuh, yuh
ayy, ayy
ayy, ayy

[verse 1: yvnglouie]
voot me up, voot me up
lil baby mixing water in my double cup
voot me up, voot me up
i was born and raised to never give a f~ck
put you in the freezer when i leave you in the dust
molly water when i’m coming then i turn you into mud, yeah
i don’t believe in love but i do believe in drugs
all these boys saying they know where it’s coming from
hashtag, she told me she loved me but i’m past that
she bad, if she coming through, i’mma tap that
my bad, what i will be sayin’ when i drop that
down bad, come and turn me up cause i felt that
i don’t wanna love cause i know that hoe is fake
when i come through, boy you better vacate
i only want her cause that b~tch got cake
i could not take that hoe on a single d~mn date

[verse 2: 27reeves]
f~ck that hoe, do the dash, do the race
i ain’t doing that sh~t i will not chase
putting all these b~tches in the same d~mn place
i can not be satisfied, i’ll look you in the face
voot me up, voot me up
the haters everywhere is what blew me up
maybe not today, maybe just one day
same d~mn time gonna f~ck with me soon, ayy
i can not vibe with your motherf~cking type, ayy
you can not hide from the motherf~cking side, ayy
maybe i’ll be doing this ’till motherf~cking noon, ayy
chillin’ in the back with a motherf~ckin’ goon, ayy
in the afterlife to the motherf~cking moon, ayy
water on her body, michael phelps her in a pool, ayy