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lirik lagu 27reeves – 85 on 85



i’m driving 85 on 85
f~cking speeding one more time
crash the whip, the 99
hospital don’t say i’m fine
rolling that blunt and i’m smoking the dope
pressure on me is with you and the scope
got the right feel yeah, i just gotta glow
gotta be real cause the fakes just don’t know
getting the frostbite on all of my toes
nine of them down and there’s one in the road
sh~t don’t make sense cause i’m mad at the world
f~ck all em now i’mma watch ‘em all hurl
f~ck all your bullsh~t, your problems your lies
f~ck all your lives and f~ck all the times
i thought that you rеal, but you know that you lied
i ain’t got no time and i’m not saying bye
thеm b~tches at work be thinking that i’m slow
i’m telling them now that they’re working for whoa
trying to capture the life yeah you know
i’m driving real fast idk where to go
i walk in my home and my parents asleep
i’ll get a machete for all of the creeps
i’ll walk in your home and you’re sitting, you creep
i’ll cut off your head now i’ve something to eat