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lirik lagu 27reeves – 1am in bluewater


[verse 1]
why you think you up cause you in the f~cking city?
why you think you hard cause you trapping off a bidi?
don’t you know them motherf~ckers go out in a day
f~ck it up and then i play, do the same as yesterday
this sh~t like moscow part 2, but it’s bluewater bay
drop the money off at raintree cause he gotta get paid
get the weed like a day later then i open that sh~t up
this ain’t gas at f~cking all
got some stems and f~cking mud
like, aye wassup?
who the f~ck you get this from?
was it from [redacted] or something?
was it from his plug or something?
was it from a bug or something?
you say that you be seeing nothing
sh~t ain’t mid, that’s some trash
i would get higher smoking ash
that’s like the lowest in the stash
i’mma steal right back my cash
sh~t ain’t even worth 20
sh~t ain’t even worth 10
sh~t is worth like f~cking
50 pennies in a f~cking bin
you just need to get more popular
you need to get a following
you’ll make some better sh~t and get some better sh~t
motherf~cker you wildin’
shut the f~ck up you don’t got any plays
bluewater, b~tch that was back in my days
sitting here trappin’ you don’t know you actin’
you giving them carts and they blowing their brains
i know that sh~t fake cause you don’t know your strains
i know my sh~t dank cause i’m on all the planes
you get it from mexico, fedex the sh~t
send it back and you ask yourself why you deranged
there’s a smell in my house i don’t know where it from
from smoking a blunt or k!lling a skunk
yeah, yeah
you know this is gooba
you know this sh~t sucks
shoutout 6ix9ine, that snitch be smart as f~ck
yeah, yeah, yeah
that hdmi, seminole, bluewater bay
destin, okaloosa, niceville sh~t
that motorola boulevard
santa rosa, freeport, miramar
that’s walton sh~t