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lirik lagu 279tyler – tylerdweeb


[intro: 279tyler & $ly808dweeb]
yeah, yeah
roland joec
yeah, aye aye

[verse 1: $ly808dweeb]
gold on my neck glisten, i don’t even know though
i be with my gang, but today i’m moving solo
goofies keep on talking out, chop them in the dojo
they like how i move, so i really copped the mojo
once i get the bag, i gotta run it like a football
diamonds too much flossing, had to lower them in slow mo
y’all n~ggas moving slow though
i’m the man with that .44

[verse 2: 279tyler]
choppa it be movin’ with me it got kickback
y’all be smoking mids while i’m smoking on that loudpack
y’all barely get high, while i’m high as a mountain
hit the plug for the pints, said i need about 10
bro got a big watch like he ben 10
go on the gucci site, how much should i spend
i’m with the gang what the f~ck is a friend
don’t be comin’ round here it’s a deadend

[verse 3: $ly808dweeb]
f~ck the cash, i don’t even care
just because i’m flexing, you don’t need to stare
it was looking rough, so i worked the pint
if these n~ggas work, then these n~ggas lightwork
give this b~tch the work, then i make her night
fakes left me in the dirt, had to find the light
fake n~ggas and b~tches, aye, racking up riches
listen go missin’, all i said was yikes

[verse 4: 279tyler]
all i said was yikes
off the drugs all night
you don’t wanna fight
gun shoot out your lights
you don’t want no war
me and my glock on tour
she go wherever i go
and she really love to blow
filling her up with ammo
colored pills like a rainbow
changing hoes like i change clothes
green and blue money, different bankrolls, yeah, yeah
you still be shoppin’ at kohls

[verse 5: $ly808dweeb]
don’t talk to me, if it’s not a good vibe
bet they rock with me, if they really don’t like me
king kong this sh~t, king kong a b~tch
i stole his b~tch, can’t call it a l!ck
call it a l!ck if you want, but i ain’t
y’all n~ggas similar, program like i8
woah, hey, hey, but that’s cool with me
hey, it’s cool like my jewelry

[verse 5: 279tyler]
they can’t take my jewels from me
i keep heat like miami
it go in the whip with me
and it go out to eat with me
b~tch in the party sniffin’ up the whitney
don’t remember but i think her name was brittney
me and dweeb got money, we got plenty
opps running from us, like a trackmeet

[verse 6: $ly808dweeb]
pass me the ball, f~ck the law, f~ck 12 dog
f~ck all of y’all, i am red dog, be (?) dog
been seen bahamas, been seen your mama
seen all sides of the argument, you need to catch (?)
you need to get your compliments up
walk in and test his mental, y’all n~ggas act mental
y’all n~ggas have a mental breakdown
just take your break now, take a break now
break like kit~kat, hey

roland joec