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lirik lagu 279tyler – push to start


we got bl!cks
pull up we shootin’ yo’ sh~t
pull up with a big ass extension
like where the f~ck his head went?
man that sh~t really came right off
rollin’ off a tramadol
told that b~tch that i’m a dog
yeah i told that b~tch i’m a dog
told that b~tch that i’m a star
hop up in that push to start
push the b~tton yeah, push it to start it
push to start, yeah, up on the whip
cracking the seal then take a sip
hunnits blue, hunnits blue like a crip
hollow tips, hollow tips yeah they rip
hollow tip bullets they rip his body
in the crib f~cking his thottie
i was so up off the molly
we was in the strip club probably
we was probably up at follies
but i’m not throwing no ones
want smoke? throwing up guns
pockets they big like pun
i’m no joke, no pun
that b~tch wanna have somе fun
told the b~tch to come over or somе
put some d~ck in her stomach like lunch
bullets break his bones, hear the crunch
’boutta snort a xan up it’s all crushed
put another xan inside my crush
it’ll calm me down think i think too much
clutching the choppa and i’m finna bust
i got the choppa i’m robbing the plug
hold my plug up, yeah for the drugs
yeah just give it up
scored on the pints like a bucket
pulled out my glock and say “f~ck it”
make an opp lose his head
so much dope got the lungs of a vet
designer on my i love to flex, yeah