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lirik lagu 279tyler – no hook


khroam on the beat

run up on me, then you die
two bad b~tches, and they both bi
one from connecticut, one from duabi
kick them b~tches out, didn’t say bye
you ain’t got racks, why do you lie
shoot his ass up, now he expired
you ain’t a trapper, you just a liar
glocks out, if you tryna try us
make an opp run, like a trackmeet
your b~tch, wanna suck up on me
walking ’round with a tool up on me
flexin’ hard with no degree
you say i’m broke, i disagree
i’m up on top, you can’t compete
passin’ my glock to icey
passin’ a cup to luxi
if you survive you lucky
like dj khaled, my bro got the key
always stuntin’ so they lookin’ at me
eyes low, i’m smokin’ on tree
got the cash, all up in my jeans
kickin’ sh~t, b~tch i’m with my team
a.j. pouring up a 12 of the lean
she wanna f~ck, when i’m on a bean
pull on the scene
with a glock with a beam
flexin’ hard on your team
phelps shootin’ for me
daley shootin’ for me
all my shooters shoot for me
kickin’ sh~t, jet li
why they tryna be me
got clips like tv
smoking on the good tree
yellow gold, like pee
i’m the real m.v.p
you cannot compare to me
your b~tch she follow me
glock it got a beam
your girl off a bean
she wanna f~ck with me
she wanna f~ck my team