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lirik lagu 26ar – blacking


(when u mention 26, mention we get packs man)
(i do not, i do not, i do not get mad but, i really get busy)

these n~ggas know i be blacking
i know a nig’ keep hammer keep lackin
why he keep looking for passes?
even the blind man say i get money
you better put on ur glasses (breesha)
b~tch came to my crib i f~ck then she dip
almost forgot her lashes (she gotta go)
b~tch this not monopoly, i spot a opp and you know he ain’t getting no passes
tuss gang we get on asses
bullets bend n~ggas air like acid (like acid)
those b~tches got no assets
imma f~ck i dont care if she plastic
26ar usе tactics
ar when i shoot no practice
post a pic ion need no caption

keep thinkin i’m rapping (p~ssy)
all this drip keep splashing (drip,drip,drip)
phone too fast, wе stay seat dashing (drip ,drip,drip)
keep doing all that cappin
you can get hit doing all that lacking
b~tch i keep a big 9, yall 69
hear them sirenes yall ratted (yall ratted)
i be up in the weird, no nabbin,slacking
you know im chasing the bag man
if you don’t know me, better tap in
h~ll yeah for a verse im taxin
ion care if i knew you from back then (p~ssy)
i still hang on the b, they come and see more and i know that boy dee, ain’t no savage
probably still of the ecai
smokin on queezo?
now that boy in the air, puff pass him. (spffff)
(smoke that, smoke that n~gga) (that’s costamado friend)

b~tch! turn that boy into weed, don’t be mentioning queezy and sh~t
yea that boy was a savage
throw bullets, k.g. macnab him (get him!)
he shoot good like a brand new camera (grrrt gang!)
slide all black, no panther
mask on, everywhere i go there’s cameras
better watch what you say, have manners
catch his ass like glizz santana (it’s glizzy!)
can’t wife no b~tch and i ain’t no trick
can’t no b~tch reach my standards!
think twice before u flip
big gleesh kicked and we all in the field like tampa! (boom,boom!)

he think he fine and dandy f~ck that we put a d~ck in his f~nny
your b~tch let me slide right into her panties
breezy couldn’t fight but, he punch like manny. (breezo)
i know that the opps can’t stand me…
locked up i had to eat out the pantry
f~ck friends, cuz a n~gga had family
upstate i was good they stayed me
these n~ggas know i be blacking
i know a nig’ keep hammer keep lackin
why he keep lookin for passes
static,pass it, you know i blast it
light,camera out there i got action
n~ggas know drench gang get on they asses
i do this sh~t for the masses
blind know i got money, put on ur glasses
(breeshaa) (aye, ar)