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lirik lagu 2504 – ​broke up


acca 13

i don’t wanna end up like this
hope not only memories is what i miss
i don’t wanna end up like this, we talked about
future, we could not take it
sao cứ mãi đắm chìm
why? just tell me why
i’m an ignorant man, i don’t know sh~t about love
dù đã buông bỏ, nhưng tâm trí ngày nhớ em nhiều hơn
i can’t come back ’cause this choice is much more better
better for both of us

i know we can try harder in this relationship
but our own life don’t want that so we gotta skip
so we gotta skip for a better future in front of us
everything just broke up like a glass
i’m trying to smile, don’t want to down bad
i’ll never forget you, i am sorry