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lirik lagu 24kay – just as is


24 , 24 , demar its 24

demar what this is n~gg?

heh! its just as it is do you get it boy i’m spitting like khalifa boy i’m whiz

& i had to make a drip to that b~tch she a b~tch
had to pull up inna different whip boy you like my crib

ion playing witchu jump over him like ribbit
need the digits boy you see it gods gifted

& i’m getting blitzing uber i’m lyfting
yeah you see i’m swifting move swift i like to drip

do you get it see it on my hip you a jit
& i’m smoking on the moonrock boy i’m
lit as b~tch

& i’m lit in this sh~t boy i made anotha hit
do you get it? this is not a skit issa sketch

& my n~ggas like to flex you a stretcher put you on the flex
& you see me freestyling boy i need to be on flex

never stress boy you know that i’m blessed
god is on my side did you see the message gеt the text
we up nеxt, demar the best
on the producer had to introduce ya

youa intruder , boy you ruder
& you see me eating wings i’m in hooters

imma booster, thought you knew doe
he don’t know cuz i’m going up with the show doe

onna nother show bro i need some moe dough dough
do you get it you dumb like a dodo