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lirik lagu 24kay – champagne


i’m going up

i’m going up we outta sp~ce

i don’t know you boy boy you miss me
pass me his music boy issa frisbee

use to be a luh kid just watch the disney
now they see me going up and they see me jiggy

getting litty, and i had to put on for my city
and im coming hard boy, boy i’m hard boy you miss me

don’t blow my phone boy you getting iggy
so i milly rock any block boy i’m headed to the top

ion gone neva stop crac the way i pop
i don’t know if you know boy i don’t know my pops

matter fact i do know my pops
ion hear from him inna long time

but i still gotta grind
& i told my family dont worry cuz i’m fine
and i’m coming so hard boy my chick she a dime
and you gotta pay me for my time boy that’s my line

if you didn’t know that’s my line boy you get unwind
& i gotta sip on the henny or the wine

& i’m outta state, outta county boy i’m fine
& it’s all from the d~mn heart

cuz i rap the d~mn pain boy i always been thе same
i just had some money and i had a luh famе

& i’m coming so hard hear it coming from the grain
and i always been the same chillin with the insanes

pour it up we made it champagne