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lirik lagu 22smoke – next up (demo)


verse 1: yeah i’m next up i know it’s easy to tell
20 different women that be up in my cell
half of them are taken there mans anxious as h~ll
say that they not scared but still be biting they nails
walk into the room we just smokin it up
4 grams inside the blunt we just burnin it up
plug is on the way he needs to hurry it up
desperate for the cash now i’m just counting it up
this sh~t is bank money
wanted to get high lookin for dank money
my neck is iced out freeze and make her nose runny
came from tough times in the streets running on no sleep now my days are way sunny
i’m next up you can look in my eyes
just look thru all my struggles packed deeply inside
now they loving on me but before they despised
smokin on the gas it made it harder to drive
i might crash and burn i might crash and burn
my life changed completely did a 180 turn
they f~ckin with a kid and spittin every verse
we made it out the mud no more playin with dirt
purple in the cup we just sippin on lean
play with my team and get hit with a tea
this sh~t is twisted
you dissin on me well i just missed it
and my belt louis v and she just kissin
i’m up on tv you need to listen
give me a mention