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lirik lagu 22gz – exposing me (remix)


bl!cky the bl!cky, the bl!cky, the bl!cky, the bl!cky, the bl!cky
soft ass n~ggas
stop f~ckin’ calling my name, son (gang, gang, gang)
y’all n~ggas don’t put in no work, for real though
y’all don’t want us purging
y’all know how that sh~t get
on god

suck my d~ck
b~tch we roll in threes, two bl!cky’s shooting and one driver, that’s how it’s suppose to be
p~ssy, you ain’t never k!ll a body, can’t get close to me
we gon’ keep on flipping, spinning blocks until they all deceased
invest in a ratchet or a casket (bl!cky, the bl!cky, the bl!cky)
they never be where they suppose to be
i got the heat to control streets (control the streets)
i bet this d~ck will control your treesh (treesh, treesh)
couple hеad shots, gon’ expose his dreams
you caught a opp and thеn flew to miami (yeah right)
that n~gga lied
all of my opps took a trip to miami (p~ssies)
i wonder why
i’m with them snipers and bl!cky’s don’t panic (sniper, bl!cky)
either way n~ggas die
i just came home, i beat it, don’t care to go back
that young n~gga wilding (gang, gang, gang)
if the n~gga real ryte, tell the driver bend right
g herbo get herb too
post on my pic then delete it, i’ll murk you
but shout out to chiraq, i know where the guys at
spinning with rugers, so you better duck
or they aim where your mind at
grrrrtttttt, boom!