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lirik lagu 229ether – sword saint


[verse: ether]
yea, yea you know im coolin
real ah n~gga when i walk up inna building
me and twin need our thumb thru the check
lame ah n~gga who is he? who is that ? (yea)
yea my wallet 2 fat you know that a n~gga like me kicked back
swear to god he be sippin on that wok, f~ck em up to bad he can’t even really walk
[verse: twin]
we dont tote no guns but my n~ggas came wit swords, we jus tryna have some fun we ain’t worried no more
imma get straight to the bag this my last year bein poor, i love my girlfriend cuz she bad yea she bad to da core
this hеr favorite song, bae why you mad ian did nun wrong
you always tryna check my phonе
told you that you not alone, but she dont even care no mo

(inaudible melodic gibberish)