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lirik lagu 221 cash – sylvia’s


sample playing

[chorus: 221 cash]
i’m still down for you
i’m still around for you
know them other dudes
could never hold it down for you
i’m still here

[verse: 221 cash]
sweet like peaches
tan like egypt
slim like eva
you got them good light features
you make a thug wanna change his ways
i know it’s time like i’m flavor flav
never subtle tell you to your face
you got me feeling like it’s high school
trying to prove that i’m the right dude
they say “he nice but he act too cool”
in my mind, i think they so fool
they don’t know me, never met thе crew
if you ask me then
i probably wouldn’t know what i need
just a simplе girl that i could trust, whenever i leave
you know the type you buy crib and then you give her the keys
i’m just hoping that we hook up like my name is kareem
i learn the game from older brother
got my swag from older cousin
pray to god i remain humble
thinking back when we ain’t have nothing
man my momma work like 20 summers
and still here


i need a girl that know the real me
secrets i could never spill tea
that’s the vow i keep with real gs
i know some haters who ain’t feeling me
but maybe we can turn that me to we
pure jealousy when they would speak

if you got time

then i got it too

if you riding out

sh~t i’m mobbin too

let a dude think that he could put his to hands to you
they gon have to give me life for what i’m bout to do
that’s that real love
that hard to find love
that down to chill order food never mind clubs
you got a body that would make me put in over time
if you need your sp~ce i’m always down to draw the line
that’s grown man talk
know i’m popping off
i would tell you stay but i love just to watch you walk
and it’s summer time and you got on that summer dress
pray for me i’m fighting not to throw you on the bed