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lirik lagu 22 even – further into obscurity


i told you so.
don’t apologize, shelter all that’s mine
all your enemy, deep inside of me
i will watch it all.go.
take this point of view, run your fingers thru it
the twisted words of truth
and could i.
lapse this pain with null to gain,
i’m wishing everything would fall apart.
and would you.
forgive me wrong, i know i’m wrong,
i’m f-cking wrong and.
i should have told you to be one inside of you
i should have told you to be one in you
i’ve stomached my youth and i’ve pressured something
interrupted my sleep watching angels die
clocks blinking two.
i’ve swallowed in you, peak as you ingest me
disregarding myself, still watching angels die
i loved it too.
i told you so.
everything’s awry, leaving me with time
little more each day, nothing left to say
i died today
i’m surfacing, such a test of my patience
watching dull lights fade
and i’ve tried to.
read these signs to p-ss the time
but i am running out of things to hide
i’m even.
with the ground, with the ground
i am sound and.
i should have told you to be one inside of you
i should have told you to be one in you
i’m seeing nothing but red although my eyes adjusted
then a pale shade of beige, suspended into time
broken window panes
i wouldn’t wish this on you, forget all that you told me
your solutions are sh-t, i’m above you
delt all this pain
then you seed
invisible to all the world around me,
escaping, life sh-lled out half pain,
overcoming all and nothing,
i’m right in here.
i’m right in here.
sh-ll of weeds, over me, come and see
and i’ve opened for the taking
stood there cold and shaking
broke down all my fences
all i hide is right in here
i should have told you.